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Saturn actually gives off more energy than it receives from the Sun, symbolic of how this planet drives us to produce, hustle and draw on our inner reserves of strength.

Before telescopes were around to sight Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, Saturn was also the co-ruler of Aquarius, the zodiac sign that governs the future. In order to build, one must also look forward—and remain a few steps ahead of the game. Saturn—and people with a strong Capricorn influence in their charts—can be as inventive as they are diligent. This planet can keep us ahead of the curve while also reminding us to adhere to tradition.

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Where do you long for status? Saturn can reveal our desires or lack thereof to keep up with the Joneses. This elegant planet bears gorgeous rings made of dust and ice. Hello, ice-encrusted knuckle duster as a reward for your hard work?

Is Your Subpersonality Running the Show?

The shadow side of Saturn is a domineering or power-hungry drive. Which story made me save it for the last 24 years? On his recent trip to Normandy to celebrate the anniversary of D-Day, the media pointed out that US President Donald Trump acted appropriately for the occasion. So what? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Sign me up! Ohio Astrology. That is, has TMA helped launched any careers, or has TMA featured any younger and up and coming Astrologers earlier on in their careers, that later ended up becoming more prominent in the community? Launched by ourselves? No, I doubt it. But helped launch. I would say that I am probably the only one that has used TMA exclusively to become more prominent. CB: I know for me, I published articles there.

You re-published an article of mine on sect on around from one of my websites. We did a 2-part series together in or which was my Introduction To Hellenistic Astrology. If you read that, it really is a shortened condensed, page version of my book, which took another 5 years to come out. But you can see glimpses of that in that series which I did for TMA back then. TT: Another person who has really contributed a lot and hopefully it has helped his career, is Frank Clifford.

The music issue was his idea in , where astrology and music was the theme. CB: Sure, those themed issues have been really interesting. I think he did one on modern psychological astrology. Those have always been really interesting. He contacted 11 astrologers and asked them to write about an astrologer who greatly influenced them.

Most of them are deceased astrologers. There is one who is still living. We are primarily looking, in this particular project, for deceased astrologers who were either legends or mentors to these people.

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TT: Do you want to hear the names of some of the astrologers who are being written about? Morrison and the Gauquelins. CB: Wow, that should be an amazing issue. That will be the whole focus? TT: Well, no. Each contributor will have a 2-page spread with, in most cases, the chart of the person being written about. TT: Yes, so Frank pulled that together for us. It was a really good idea. So we might do more in the future with maybe living astrologers. Even your connection with Al H. Morrison, and his helping you and playing an instrumental role in getting TMA together, is a really interesting, unique and important piece of history that otherwise people might not know about.

So I was glad we got to talk about that a little bit here. CB: As we are hitting into the home stretch of this, I had some general questions that I came up with and some from listeners. I was hoping that I could run these by you, if that works for you? If you have a good answer, great. I was curious if you have a notable interview that you really remember doing, or that stands out to you? TT: I have enjoyed my interviews with Rob Hand.

That was a lot of fun. CB: Yes, that was fun.

Saturn In Capricorn Natal

TT: I remember some from the 90s I really enjoyed. I enjoyed Mary Plumb. She is our book reviewer. I think Mary first started working with us first in Mary and I sat down and interviewed Charles and Suzie Harvey back in That was really a lot of fun.

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We also interviewed Steven and Jodie Forrest together back then. I think that is in the same issue, June , which is one of the ones that is digitally available now. There are so many interviews that I have enjoyed or I thought were really great. The TMA index online has a whole different pdf file for just the interviews. For a long time, we were doing one interview in every issue.

But lately, we are doing less, because of our limitations. House systems is always a hot debate. What else? You know, let me just kind of diverge a bit here a little bit. The thing I noticed over the years, there seemed like a lot more competition and divisiveness in the astrological community. Now it seems like there is a lot more cooperation and support going on. It seemed like it change maybe 10 or 15 years ago, or maybe it just steadily evolved.

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  • So, there are almost more differences in some way. TT: There is definitely more openness…more cooperation and more mutual support. There might be more diverse opinions and diverse ways of doing it and diverse techniques. But the spirit of inclusiveness is much stronger I think. The organisations were maybe more competitive with one another back then.

    CB: Sure, maybe the organisations get along a little bit better. But, sure that is not always the case. But the fact that they are doing a UAC together is definitely a good sign. TT: Yes, I am not close to any of the organisations but I am a member of a few of them. But that is how it seems to me. CB: There are a few listener questions. One of them, I am paraphrasing, Dawn Champine, on Twitter, at Goddess Astrologer [wants to know] what is the future of print publishing and how have you managed to adapt and stay relevant over the years in digital times? TT: Yes, to keep at least one foot in the digital world.

    Mary edits our blog and it comes out every other Monday. But I would say the main way to stay relevant is to just provide what people want.

    The Saturn – Pluto Conjunction

    Just doing good content. People will find a way to get it. If they have to get the print magazine, even though they prefer digital, if the content is good enough, a lot of them will do that. CB: Yes, it seems like you guys definitely continue to stand out because you have never let the quality drop.

    I think this is one of the things that stands out to people. CB: Definitely. Another question was from S.

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    • Anderson on Twitter sjanderson And too, what are your thoughts on the recent discussion on the waxing or waning popularity of astrology? The New York Times, the Guardian, and a bunch of other news organizations published articles saying that astrology appeared to be getting more popular, especially with Millennials.