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He concentrated on commodities and some stocks. We must commend his work due to his recognition of heliocentric aspects and measurement systems such as speed and declination, very uncommon considerations in his day. This was probably the best-organized of the studies. He used the technique of weighted hits to project market movements.

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This involved assigning pluses or minuses for bullish and bearish effect, and a number to each transiting aspect. Declinations also played a part in his calculations. I ran a year study asking a simple question- will the market be up or down this month? The cycle projection was correct 48 percent of the time, not a good score when one realizes that about 58 to 59 percent of all months have been up months. In order to improve the score, I analyzed the signs used by Bradley and found a third of them to be incorrect.


Substituting the accurate signs, the Bradley batting average rose to 60 percent, still not very good. Muriel Hasbrouck began her research on earthquakes, but changed tracks when her husband noticed that many of the dates that she generated coincided with stock market moves. The US government showed an interest in her work, offering to assist in further research.

In a series of letters to Ed Dewey, she laid out the course of her communications with the US. She was shocked when the government shut her down. The reason was never made clear, but it appears that the dates that she projected corresponded to the dates of secret missile tests. Hasbrouck left her work to Harriett Higginson who added her techniques to her own. In the s, Cdr. David Williams authored Financial Astrology, a good basic reader on economic and financial techniques. Williams enriched himself and associates with accurate stock market investments. Jack Gillen wrote books about astrology and speculation.

In one volume, he used horoscopes of incorporation to select stocks, a technique that apparently succeeded. Reider made several useful indicators.

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For example, he found that the odd of a declining market soared after Mars made a t-square with the outer planets. Matlock was a US diplomat who studied market movements. He constructed graphs depicting the relationship of outer planets such as Jupiter and Saturn to the Dow over long time periods. He did not follow this work up with a sequel. The area opened up with the development of the PC and astrological software. In addition, modern practitioners have the advantage of a greater amount of price data.

She forecasted a top in gold prices using a Jupiter-Neptune aspect. We were both impressed, and Arch founded Crawford Perspectives in , a service that continues to this day. This prediction was followed by the blast-off for an year bull market. He did so by pinpointing the August 25, multiple conjunction as the top day.

Since that time, he has consistently been ranked highly versus other market forecasters by independent services, such as Timers Digest and Hulberts. See his website. This was a necessary ingredient for market analysis, but it was not the full answer. Arch proposed the calculation of the percentage change as the two planets moved from 0 degrees separation to degrees.

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This was the birth of the composite cycle. The first cycles were computed by hand from to In the early s, I loaded the data into a Lotus spreadsheet, and the first composite cycles were generated by computer, the first of which is reproduced below as graph one, the very first composite cycle generated by PC.


This graph was drawn on an HP plotter in the early s. It depicts the relationship of the stock market as Mars and Uranus move through their complete cycle.

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This was, as far as we know, the first software designed to analyze any price series in relationship to planetary cycles. The program introduced composite cycles and a facility to analyze the effect of aspects on any market. Graph 2 below is that of the same Mars-Uranus cycle, but this one was drawn with the AA program. Note that this graph begins and ends at 1. He lived in Carmel, California around the same time as Gann. Bayer's approach to the Bible resembled Gann's, who also believed that it contained scientific value on astrological cycles.

He was perhaps the first to apply other astronomical parameters in forecasting financial markets. He introduced a method of horoscope analysis known as the Five Fold Horoscope and wrote that astrological progression of the moon over the points of such a horoscope produced vibration in the price of a stock or commodity.

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